Opal and garnet three-row band ring, sterling, size 7

Description: Look at this hefty band ring, sporting three rows of alternating garnets and opals. Thirteen stones in all, each measuring 3x5mm. Quite a good look, really!

Opal is the original birthstone for October and Garnet is the birthstone for January. What a dy-no-mite birthstone ring gift.

Garnet, white topaz and sterling silver bracelet

Wow! A wealth of matching garnet stones (23, actually) march down this beautiful, solid sterling silver 7+” bracelet. Each striking 5x7mm garnet is flanked by 6 round-cut white topaz stones, making this a very impressive bracelet. Is your birthday in January? Garnet is your birthstone. Is your birthday in November? Topaz is your birthstone. This bracelet is very wearable and comfortable since it moves so effortlessly between stations, it always adheres to the shape of your wrist. (BTW: That count is 138 round topaz stones.) Yes. What a bargain! What a bracelet!

Sterling silver, garnet, amethyst, brooch, pendant, hand made

Hand-made sterling silver brooch/pendant showcases a slice of amethyst geode plus a very nice oval garnet gemstone. Just look at the workmanship and the milgrain work on this piece. (Milgrain is the name used to describe the tiny dots of silver that are hand-soldered onto a piece of jewelry, one at a time in perfect rows. What a job!) Can you imagine the work that went into this piece?

If you are into a laid-back, informal, or Bohemian look, this is for you. If you like ornate, hand-made, this is for you. Wear it on a chain — there are two loops soldered onto the back that enable it to hang perfectly across the neckline. Wear it as a brooch on your dress or coat or hold your scarf in place with it. How about running a scarf through it after it is pinned to your clothes. It measures 2 5/8” by 2”.

Don’t forget, garnet is the birthstone of January; amethyst is the birthstone of February. What a nice gift.


Beautiful little red garnet oval-cut stone surrounded on each side by a pyramid of cubic zirconia, size 6 (not sizable).


One big, beautiful rare 8x10mm Hessonite garnet is featured on this solid gold (10kt) ring which also sports an “in-your-face” diamond on each side of the center stone. The delicate split-shank mounting showcases the beautiful stone to full effect. Hessonite garnet is a genuine, unenhanced gemstone that is also called “cinnamon stone” from its deep brownish-orange hues, and also called “Gomed” in other cultures. If your birthstone is garnet, you should not stop with wearing red garnets, because you have every color to choose from (you probably didn’t know that). The garnet family makes a great gemstone collection.