Peridot, Sardonyx – August’s Birthstones

Beliefs, Mythology

Symbolizing strength and healing, the peridot is sometimes known as the “evening emerald” due to its light green color. As another name implies, “Gem of the Sun”, it opposes nighttime evils.

Sardonyx, a type of onyx with red instead of black striping, was thought to bring the wearer good health.


The dazzling bright green color of Peridot doesn’t change much. It is one of few gemstones that has only one color. Shades of this green range from dark olive to bright yellow.

Sardonyx, is red onyx.


Peridot is an Arabic word meaning gem. It is also called the “Gem of the Sun”, due to its brilliant color.

Sardonyx is a compound word: Sard and Onyx. Sard derives its roots from the city of Sardis, and usually implies a yellowish red color. Onyx means claw.


Peridot 6.5 – 7

Sardonyx 6.5 – 7

World Application

Found in both Earth’s geology, as well as meteorites, Peridot is used primarily in jewelry.

Sardonyx is used in jewelry, but also in carvings.

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Peridot - August's Birthstone