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We’re Right Here!

Our Son reminds us that we should write blogs. “Your customers want to know where you are and what you are doing!”

First of all, we miss seeing all of you! Talking through a computer somehow doesn’t fill that void!
But…we are still here! And hopefully, we are in time for you to plan for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day (and birthdays, and fiestas, ad infinitum)

We have made substantial changes since we no longer go to stores to sell our merchandise.

Now that we are totally on-line:
We reduced our prices on nearly everything (because we don’t have to pay a “store surcharge” any more).
We added hundreds of items to the site.
• We refined the processes so it is easier for you choose and pay by credit card or PayPal.
• We added the McAfee TrustMark for your Shopping ID Protection.
Tailor-Made Shopping. If you want us to make something for you, email or text us with your request!
• For those who like to bargain-shop: If you don’t like the price you see, send us an email or a text and tell us what you think would be fair.

         Wayne and Helen Sturdevant