Diamond – April’s Birthstone

Beliefs, Mythology:  Diamonds are a symbol of enduring love, which is why they are so prevalent in wedding rings, and anniversary jewelry.
Color:  Diamonds are typically colorless (white) with a faint hint of yellow, but come in a lot of other colors due to impurities in the stone. White diamonds are commonly sought after for jewelry, but other hues range from yellow to orange, and pink to red to blue.

Etymology:  The word diamond comes from the Greek word adamas, meaning unconquerable or indestructible.
Hardness: 10 – Diamond is the defining mineral for this level of hardness.
World Application:   Jewelry, Religious Icons. Industrial uses such as cutting tools, grinders, and polishers.

This is the fascinating story of your diamond. (Credit: The International Gemological Institute-http://igionline.com/igi_storyofyourdiamond.htm)

Diamond, among the rarest materials on earth, is a mineral and the hardest naturally occurring transparent crystalline substance found. Incredibly, it is the only gemstone made of just one element, carbon – in its purest form.

Each diamond is the result of an extraordinary voyage, turning this natural element into the world’s most sought-after jewel.

Your diamond was forged hundreds of kilometers below the earth’s surface. Extreme heat and pressure caused fragments of carbon to form into diamond crystals.

Miraculously, your diamond was brought up to the surface by a volcano.

The grade or quality of a diamond is based on four characteristics commonly referred to as the 4Cs: the Carat weight, Color, Clarity, and Cut. These are analyzed and the results are recorded in the IGI Diamond Report.

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