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Guest Vendors and Artisans

Clear Carved Quartz Collectible
This has been an exciting time of meeting new friends who also love the craft of gemstones and gemstone jewelry.  Some of them do it for fun and have so many​ pieces saved up and nowhere to go with them.  We have offered the opportunity for them to show their work on
On the home page, look to the right side to the column of listings.  Headlined are our Guest Vendors and Artisans.  We think that this will be an exciting way to provide more choices for you and for you to gain an appreciation of their hard work.
We hope, in sharing their art, you come back over and over again to see what is new…and, of course, just happen to look also at we have to offer.  It’s a win-win-win!
Please let us know what you think.
Wayne and Helen Sturdevant