Aquamarine, & Bloodstone – March’s Birthstone

Beliefs, Mythology

Aquamarine have been associated with certain healing powers. The natural association of this stone with water led people to believe that immersing the stone in water would strengthen its healing power. Some healing applications were for illness of liver, stomach and mouth.  In addition to healing, Aquamarine also represents hope, love, and friendship (old and new).

Bloodstone carries a common legend of attaining its color from the blood of Jesus Christ spilling onto green jasper during His Atonement and crucifixion. It was anciently thought to heal blood disorders.


Aquamarine coloring ranges from pale to deep blue.

Bloodstone is a dark green stone flecked with red spots.


Aquamarine literally means, “water of the sea.” This namesake is from the color it bears. It’s the color of the sea hence it is primarily believed to protect those at sea.

Bloodstone, the alternate stone for March, is actually a common nickname for the mineral Heliotrope. The nickname is based on its appearance which looks like drops of blood (really red jasper).


Aquamarine 7.5 – 8

Bloodstone 6.5 – 7

World Application

Aquamarine – Jewelry, and Beryllium

Bloodstone – Jewelry, religious icons

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