Topaz (Yellow), & Citrine – November’s Birthstones

Beliefs, Mythology

Topaz is typically associated with love and affection, and is linked with strength and facilitates healing. It is also thought to help defend from greed.

Citrine is not as ubiquitous as other gems, so very little lore surrounds it. The little lore it does have purports that Citrine wards off evil, snake bites, and kidney issues.


While Yellow Topaz is the color for November, Topaz isn’t limited to one color. Topaz is available in a variety of colors including green, red, gold and pink.

Citrine ranges from yellow to reddish orange.


Topaz traces its origins to an ancient gem mine on an Island bearing a similar name, but is also thought to have come from the Sanskrit word for fire.

Citrine originates from a word meaning lemon or lemon-colored.


Topaz 8 (defining mineral for this hardness)

Citrine 7 (as a quartz, it is the defining mineral for this hardness)

World Application

Topaz and Citrine both have only jewelry applications. While Citrine is a quartz, it is not among the varieties used in clockwork gem movements.

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Citrine - November's Alternate Birthstone