Chrome diopside and white topaz starburst pendant, 10kt yellow gold


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Wow! Look at this! What a beautiful piece of jewelry. Almost looks too good to be true. But it IS true! It has been said about the stone chrome diopside that it is everything an emerald wants to be.

Chrome diopside is a gemstone that is found in Siberia in the few months per year they can mind the diamonds there. It is called chrome because it takes that element (chrome) for nature to have made the gemstone green while it was forming as the earth cooled. In this 10kt yellow gold pendant you have 14 perfectly-matched oval-cut chrome diopside stones bursting from a center 9-stone cluster of remarkably bright white topaz stones. But wait! There’s more! The bail also sports 3 round-cut white topaz.

1 ¼” long. How nice!

Chrome diopside is becoming a substitute for the May birthstone, emerald.


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