London Blue Topaz 10kt yellow gold ring with genuine Zircons


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This charming ring in solid 10kt yellow gold showcases a perfect 1ct pear-shaped London Blue Topaz. Look closely. This is a genuine London Blue topaz, not the modern knock-off version with the back of the stone covered in a film that causes the entire stone to take on that color. What a lovely mounting that swirls around the genuine white zircon accents (3 on each side). Zircon is a real genuine stone, found in nature, that has been imitated by a similar-looking man-made substance found in some jewelry called cubic zirconia – or CZ. These are NOT CZs, but beautiful, genuine natural stones. London blue is the deepest blue Topaz and can be used for both November (topaz) and December (blue zircon) birthstones.  This is a truly excellent ring in sizeable 7.


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