Ruby, emerald, sapphire bead stiletto style earrings, sterling

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Stiletto-style earrings (2 ¼” long) fashioned from ruby, emerald, and sapphire beads in sterling silver will absolutely grace your wardrobe, whether you are in t-shirt and jeans or going out for the evening. Although these beauties are long and colorful, they are quiet enough to wear to the office or to a sophisticated meeting. Solid sterling silver shepherd’s hook makes them secure, but easy on and off. The 2 ¼” length of genuine gemstone beads hang straight, but swing from the shepherd’s hook to present just enough movement to be noticeable, but not enough to look frivolous. In other words, they move with your head movements, but don’t bounce around and attract attention.

These earrings (plus the matching necklace # Danna-3-059) are perfect for birthstone gifts, be it May for Emerald, July for Ruby, or September for Sapphire.


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