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September Beauty: Sapphires

Lone Star SapphireThe Lone Star Sapphire, after which our company is named, is nearly 10,000 carats. It was discovered in 1989 in North Carolina. As it is much bigger than the closest Sapphire, it is “out in front.” Hence the name Lone Star.

​Sapphire, in Greek, means “Precious Stone”!  And so they are.  The bluer the better and more valuable.  Other colors, called “Fancy Sapphires”, include green, pink, violet, gray, black, and yellow, and are not quite as valuable (everything being relative). Star Sapphires round out the beauty showing off asterisms, which are imperfections that cause the beautiful six and twelve ray stars. Some have double asterisms in the same stone!

As the September birthstone, Sapphires have been associated with sincerity, constancy, insight, and truth.

Those who wear the stone are considered to be protected from thyroid problems, ear aches, speech impediments, blood problems, eye problems,  headaches, and nosebleeds.

Fascinating Sapphire Lore:

Sapphire’s main power encourages loyalty, truth, wisdom, and clear-thinking.

In the Bible, one of the twelve stones of fire embedded into the Breastplate of Aaron included a sapphire.

In Rome and Greece, people of prominence thought Sapphire could protect them from evil.

Star of India Sapphire
The Star of India – the largest Star Sapphire in the world.

Did you know? In the middle ages, a man would give his wife a sapphire necklace.  And if it got darker, she had been unfaithful.  I wonder how many wives lost their lives over that one!  The stone, then, became a stone of honesty and fidelity.

Interesting fact:  The term sapphire, used in the Bible, may have really been Lapis Lazuli.  Kinda makes sense since that’s the stone mentioned around Mount Sinai.

The Science Side of Sapphire

Sapphire is Corundum, a type of Aluminum Oxide. Depending on trace elements like iron, chromium, copper, titanium and magnesium, one or more which may get incorporated into this gem during the early stages of its formation, the Sapphire gets a variety of hues. Chromium imparts a pink or red tint to corundum, the former known as pink Sapphire and the latter known as Ruby.​ One of the four Precious Gemstones, Sapphire is the hardest substance​ next to diamond​ and its brilliant blue huPrince William and Kate Middleton Engagemente and ​hardness of 9 out of 10, making it an ideal ​gemstone for jewelry. The most famous of which is Kate Middleton‘s (the Duchess of Cambridge) blue sapphire ring,​ (formerly Princess Diana‘s ring)​ which Prince William gave her when​ they were betrothed.​

Some of our stock of Sapphires is pictured below, and includes stones small enough to replace what may be lost from your ring. Check out this Sapphire Buyer’s Guide to help you in your search.

LSG Loose Sapphires LSG Replacement Sapphire Stock - beyond blue LSG Replacement Sapphire Stock LSG Sapphire Stock

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Rose Quartz: The “Love Stone”

Rose quartz has, through history, been known as the “Love Stone” or the “Stone of Unconditional Love.” An old legend tells of Cupid and Eros bringing rose quartz to Earth to arouse love in people. The love of self and inner peace, the foundation to loving others, became the reputation from wearing this beautiful pink stone. It is said to calm depression and ward off evil.

It is also believed to rejuvenate the skin of those who wear it. The properties of quartz allowed the belief of any who washed their face in water-soaked with Rose Quartz will keep the skin looking younger. Wearing or carrying a heart-shaped Rose Quartz pendant or charm is thought to attract love.

Rose Quartz beads date back to around 7000 BC in Mesopotamia (Iraq). The Assyrians, around 800-600 BC, and the Romans were first to use this stone. The Romans used it for making seals as a sign of ownership. They also considered it a strong healing stone. Egyptians believed the pink stone prevented aging.

Rose Quartz has traditionally been given to newborn babies to help in their transition from the spirit world to the physical realm, gently integrating the two and helping with adjustment. This stone is also said to help mend broken hearts or aid in easing emotional trauma.

Now looking to the scientific properties, you can understand why: with a hardness of 7, Rose Quartz is long-lasting and durable. Specimens found are usually very large with occasional terminating crystal faces, prisms, and six-sided pyramids. Over time, Rose Quartz crystals are prone to fading and are best kept away from prolonged sunlight.

A Symbol of unconditional and everlasting love, “Rose quartz is great for families, assisting in keeping all family members in ease with each other. It’s also said that it helps ease pregnancy and childbirth. On the other end of life experiences, it is said that rose quartz is beneficial to ease the transition when it’s the soul’s time to leave a dying body, helping surround the person in unconditional love and pillow them with gentleness. Rose quartz is also helpful for those left grieving, as its emotional healing powers offer great comfort.” (Origin

Additionally, Rose Quartz is an alternate for Garnet as January’s birthstone.

So, if you thought buying a gift of rose quartz is boring, or”too common”, you may want to re-think, considering all the meanings that are attached.

Here are some images of Rose Quartz items from our catalog. We’ll be posting several for sale over the next few days.

Rose Quartz Collexb.